Comprehensive PCBA Testing

An effective Quality Assurance program, integrated throughout the assembly process, is vital as PCB designs become increasingly more complex with smaller layouts. The quality system for our PCB Assembly services is registered to ISO 9001:2016 and includes the following facets:

●Electrical testing, such as In-circuit Testing (ICT), Flying Probe Testing (FPT), and Boundary Scan Testing

●Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

●Burn-in testing

●Environmental stress screening

●Functional test

●System test


PCBANow ensures the customers get high-quality products

●Strive to manufacture and deliver consistent quality products for all the clients

●Provide timely feedback to our valued customers

●Impart adequate training to all our employees and motivate them and ensure their total involvement

●Institute a system and measures to monitor quality at the manufacturing stage and at the consumer end

●Achieve total customer satisfaction with continual improvement in QMS

Our Testing Procedures

Appearance inspection - by AOI machines, X-ray machines, or eyes.

We have got a team of experienced front-line employees, equipped with advanced AOI and X-ray machines, which greatly reduce our repair rate.

ICT (In-Circuit-Test) run short/open circuit detection, specific output voltages and nodal currents will be given.

ICT checks the properties of the onboard components and circuitry nets to find out possible functional defects, which come from manufacturing failure or defective components. It relies on the special fixtures made according to fabrication documents, pretty easy and fast to operate, available in Windows as well as Linux, it is an important guarantee for mass production.

FCT (Functional Circuit Test) generally requires the IC programs, PCBANow will create specific fixtures to simulate the functionality of PCBAs to find out the possible problems.

FCT checks the expected performances of the PCBA, typically using special fixtures and specialized equipment. It also deals with the components and circuitry but is more complex and systematic. Different products run different test items and test methods are mainly provided by customers.

Fatigue test, samples will be taken, get functional tested repeatedly for a long time to obtain the failure rate.

As the name implies, to check the reliability of PCBA. Some of our customers require fatigue tests, of whom the products mostly work in some complex and difficult to disassemble environments.

Burn-in, all the PCBAs must keep powering for hours before ex-factory.

Burn-in is commonly seen in mass production, especially for power adapters or some products with batteries. From a description point of view, it might be similar to fatigue tests, but fatigue test is focused on that process, while burn-in is for the result.

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